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There is no other money making method that is easier plus much more foolproof than what We are about to show you. It’s so simple to earn money from this but… only if you have the will to only DO IT!! Like Shia LaBeouf.

There's no other money making way in which is easier and more foolproof than I am about to explain to you. It’s so easy to earn money because of this but… only if you have the will to JUST DO IT!! Like Shia LaBeouf.

software with crack

If you can’t earn money with this method, you'll never make a living generating revenue online. Why?? As this method is so simple, my grandma could undertake it! So, JUST DO IT!!

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1: First Step:
Register HERE

This excellent website pays when someone downloads and installs their

Downloader. That’s it. No selling, no begging; no survey with no password protection. I would like to give you a hint. Drop the idea of with:
- PPD (Pay per Download)
- PTP (PAID To market)
- Traffic exchanges like Hitleap, Jingling etc…

These will simply get you a maximum of 1-2$ each day and you need a great deal of VPSs to do it.

I have wasted a great deal of my time with services like Hitleap and PTC. That is, until I found something awesome: PPI (Pay Per (Free) Install)

What is PPI?
When your visitors download software installers and run them, they will be offered to install advertising software. The more offers your visitors accept the greater money you receive.

(Including Toolbars, Homepages, and Search Engine etc…) The Install is very free. People will start to see the link -> Download the Installer -> Install Adware -> Have the real download -> you're going to get profit (if you want, you can upload spam files or perhaps nothing, the PPI-Site allows you to create a setup with out a real link (no ethics there!)

Let us take a look at the current PPI earning rates:
US U . s . $2.00
GB United Kingdom $1.18
AU Australia $1.01
FR France $0.78
CA Canada $0.73
BE Belgium $0.54
DE Germany $0.66
IT Italy $0.30

1: 1st step:
Register HERE

2: Next step:
Do some quick YouTube video research

Our intention would be to make someone install the downloader from our link above inside the First Step. That means we need traffic to our links. So where is the best place to get no-cost traffic?

YouTube- hands down.

Go to YouTube and appearance for any video for the following niches. (These niches provide very high traffic in a very short duration)

“Video games” Hacks

“Video games” Full CD + Key

“Video games” CD Key + Serial generator
“Video games” password generator
“Video games” Serial key generator
“Video games” full download
“Any software” serial key generator

“Any software” crack “Any Software” Keygen

“Tutorials” Free download

You can even add the terms “No survey” and “No Password” for your keywords

Just replace “Video games,” “Any Software,” and “Any e-book” with some other videos games, software, and e-book titles.

To have ideas of latest video games, just google “games list for Ps4” or “games list for Xbox One” or what you can image.

For software and e-books go to “Amazon” and find the best selling titles.

Only use your imagination and you'll find many more ways.

Now coming back to YouTube, search any keywords I explained above.

Find videos which will get maximum views from the shortest time. Don’t close it webpages you find on-line. You will need them later.

3: Next step:
Download those vidoes!! Simply do IT!!

Download the videos you see to your desktop. Make some changes to the video file names like adding “underscore” or “dashes” involving the words.

You’re going to need a YouTube Video Downloader Plugin to your Internet Browser. Or you can utilize the Web Based Version.

Link: For Firefox: Firefox Video Downloader Plugin Link: For Chrome: Chrome Video Downloader Plugin Link: Internet based: Online YouTube Video Downloader

Now, upload it on your YouTube account.

Inside the title of video, make an effort to put your keyword 1 or 2 times but without trying to “spammy”.

Next, go ahead and upload your file and acquire your link.

Then, “mask” your link with Link For:

Add this link within the first line of your description.

Just add “Download Hack” or “Download Serial Key” or something like that before the link.

Now, copy the description from the video page you download earlier. Just copy it and incorperate your own description so that your keyword is spread through the description.

For tags, Right-Click the recording page and click “view page source” in Firefox. Copy their list of keywords, which can be nothing but tags.

Add as many tags as possible.

IMPORTANT: Affect the comments setting to “Approved”.

3: The third step:
Get Traffic by Ranking Your Videos

To obtain backlinks to your video, boost rank, and increase views, simply share your YouTube video link
across your internet sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Or if you want to get your video ranked super-fast, find someone on Fiverr- like I truly do!

My Fiverr Secret Weapon Video Rank Links:

Should you selected a good niche like “video games” you will instantly see a rise in views and INSTANTLY see money coming into your Dashboard.

When people click the link in your description they will be taken to a landing page from which they will download the application and install it. There's no SURVEY so individuals will simply install it on their desktops.

You will be taken care of each download and install.

Each install you can get multiple leads and hence, a better shot at a lot more money.

Try to get all the traffic as possible from US, UK and Canada.


Other ways to get traffic include: creating blogger or WordPress websites for e-books download, cracks or hacks.

If you don’t want to download videos from YouTube (because of conscience), then just make a video with some screenshots in the product you add annotation the download link is incorporated in the description below.

What you can Earn?

Let’s do the math.

As outlined by my experience, each video makes $2-$5 per day (this is very minimum) based upon the traffic. Therefore, 10 videos cause you to $20-$50 per day. If you have 100 videos across multiple YouTube accounts, your earnings will be $200 - $500 each day or $6000 - $15000 monthly.

If you want, you can scale becoming much as possible, which is what I did.

Check out what I made in just 4 days using the method I mentioned above!

Look guys, no one is discussing this method because my own mail to share any money making way in which really makes money.

I will be sharing this method together with you because I’m earning a lot of money and want to teach others how to do the same. Only wanted to, I could easily sell this report for $500.

Instead of wasting time and jumping from money making method to another, just follow this technique for one month and see the results for yourself.

1. Go to YouTube
2. Download 10-50 videos
3. Edit them (Add Watermark, etc…)
4. Re-upload them: 5 per channel
5. SEO (Send Likes, Views, Comments, etc…)
5. Incorperate your Installer Link to the outline
6. Profit!

The best way to create an Installer? It is rather simple!

Now head out there, and JUST DO IT!!



Step 1.Find a place to download game mods/skins. You can pretty much go to any torrent site for those or you can go to game specific sites like: for gta or for skyrim and so forth.

For celebrity wallpapers i simply snatch a few images from google and bundle these questions zip.
Step 2. Build the installer/downloader for each of the files you merely created.I wont go ahead to detail about how this is done because each network works in another way but usually the process is really self-explanatory. What i used for mine was because it allowed me to generate an actual installer i could later bundle which has a downloader like the one from revenyou or spotinstall from Cnet that may increase my revenue.
Step # 3.Put everything in your website along with a download link ( the download sites like and softonic require those links plus a product description link) Something like this will suffice :
Step four. Once you have the whole thing setup its a pointer to actually submit the installers you have made to and you will have to prepare a few images such as an icon and a screenshot plus a short description however they dont

care much about this so you can just use precisely the same text/image you put on your site and a generic icon. Once everything is submitted it will take 24 to 30 hours to seem in the softonic index resulting in a week for
Listed here are the files i've submitted to both:

TIP: Softonic doesnt allow submissions of unauthorized game mods or game skins so there you can only submit celebrity wallpapers.

Step . 5.Rinse and repeat daily for much better results.
My test run was with only 30 files that involved around a day to accumulate and submit knowning that alone has netted me over $500 in earnings some day(its nothing taking into consideration the time span but so was the job involved). The game mods/skins niche really is limitless new games come out every day as well as mods for original copies so you can never use up all your fresh material(same is true of the celebrity niche). If you wish to expand on this method it is possible to submit to other popular download sites or simply do some seo on the links and rank em as parasite properties online